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More Avatar shirts (The Last Airbender)

I'm finishing up my Avatar shirts before the movie comes out and I'm just uploaded the Earth Bender shirts. If you would like a different shirt style or color just let me know and I'll make it available.
If anyone has any requests which shirt to do next, let me know. I will probably do the Earth Kingdom emblem, then the 2 Air Nomads' emblem. Unless someone wants an air nomad shirt now.

Wacom and more...

I finally got a decent tablet, a Wacom Intuos3. Now I just need talent to use it. I got it off of ebay, "damaged". Cut the USB cable and soldered it back together and it was good as new. I just need the rubber grippy thing for the Grip Pen. If anyone has a new (CHEAP) Grip Pen or a broken one, I could maybe buy it from you.

There needs to be a website where you can buy/sell broken electronics, besides ebay. That way people could unload crap they don't have room for, and others can take a change on fixing it or using it for parts.

Microsoft customer service is pretty good:
I bought a Microsoft keyboard from ebay, user best_buy_outlet. Got it kind of new, looked new but was sold as refurbed for pretty cheap. The only problem was the space bar was jacked up. Apparently, it was a very common problem with this brand, Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. You had to hit the space bar at the bottom or in the middle or else the plastic would bend; it was just enough to be annoying. So, I called Microsoft up and complained, and they said it was a fault in mine and they would send me out a new one. And by god, they did; didn't even have to send back the old one. Works great, too.

Posted some more art at my DeviantArt.

Some websites:

Now my dog has to go pee.

Google Toolbar/Firefox problems

I've recently found that updated Firefox with the google toolbar has problems. The gmail button will only update with mails every other Firefox open.
Say the gmail button is working fine, checking for updates every hour or so, but when I close Firefox and open back up, the gmail button doesn't work. Using the drop down just says Refresh. Clicking Refresh, sometimes says Refresh (Connecting) other times, does nothing. Googling around, it seems no one else has this problem. So I'm posting this. Using Minefield (3.7asomething) worked for a while, but after the a couple of recent updates it stopped working again (1 update broke it, the next fixed it, now its broken again). But after hours and hours of googling I think I have found a semi solution. As long as the Options/Login Button wasn't on the toolbar it worked fine. It seems to be when reopening Firefox it doesn't login correctly. If you are logged out and change the button layout, then login and change the button layout you can easily see that it isn't logged in correctly.

So basically, every other Firefox open, the Gmail button doesn't refresh. To fix, remove the toolbar options/login button from the toolbar.
I have reported the bug to Mozilla.

A little story:

I've been out of school for a few years. Got lazy/poor and failed some classes and was put on academic probation. I've been too broke to afford to go back. I owed over $1400 for the last semester I was there, and had to start paying back the two loans I had gotten. So, I was mostly stuck in a position where it was pretty difficult to go back and finish college.

My girlfriend of almost 2 years has been bugging me asking "if money wasn't an option would you go back?" I would usually say something like "probably, but I still have to pay off what I still owe and what it would cost for upcoming semesters and I'm broke and not sure if I still like doing the same stuff, (3d animation)." That was enough for her.

For my birthday (Dec 17) she had it paid off plus half the tuition of a semester. For the past month she had been taking donations from all of my friends and family and her family for me to go back. Over a week after my birthday we are meeting her family for my birthday dinner (the original day was snowed out) and once we get there all my friends and family are there! We have a nice fun dinner and then she gives me the cards with the receipt of previous semesters paid off, and another card with the money for half another semester, or books. I had to hold back the tears in front of everyone. This is the sweetest, most thoughtful, nicest thing, ever. I just wanted to tell everyone that I have the best girlfriend ever (sorry guys, yours can't live up to her) and wanted to say "Thank you and I love you very much. And thank you to all my friends and family. I will not let you guys down."

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Raffstar account banned

Well it turns out Raffstar has banned my account. I still find it funny/odd that MY account gets banned while there is a consist same top 10 users. I haven't been in the top 10 in the last 50 giveaways or so, so I'm not sure what is going on over there. My bot legitimately gets the tickets, just as if a human was doing it. Unless it was purely because I created the bot.
At any rate, I'm sure the gmail trick would work for a new account. ;)

Xbox 360/Windows 7 media refresher

I've noticed that Windows 7 doesn't like to immediately find and share new media when it is added to a folder. So, for example, you're watching some downloaded videos that you are sharing to your xbox360 via Windows 7 and you just noticed utorrent just finished downloading something else. So once you get done watching the first show you would like to go ahead and start watching the one that just finished downloading...but noooo windows 7 doesn't want you to. With Xp and Vista you could just restart the wmp sharing service, not so much with Windows 7. But I've found if you open Windows Media Player it will immediately find the files and start sharing them. So I've created a simple batch script that will open WMP and then close it. I have mine set to run at 10pm so most shows are done downloading and it will start sharing them. Just copy and paste this into a new txt document, then rename it to .bat.

If you know of another wait for WMP to search its folders more often or something, please let me know.

start "wmp" /min "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"
timeout 5
taskkill /IM wmplayer.exe

Demonoid is back!!

After months of downtime from server problems and upgrades, demonoid is finally back online. And since it is also Happy Christmas Time AND demonoid is back, I'm going to give away some invites. Just post a comment here and I'll email you an invite code.

*Remember to post your email, or send me an email. I'm looking at you ReddwarfUSA*

All out for now. I'll try to get everyone that has already emailed

*2 of you have been dicking around and didn't use your code, so they have been passes along to the next persons in line.

Updated the raffstar bot...again

As the title says, I have updated my raffstar bot. Made some little tweaks here and there:
**!I think I fixed the problem where it wouldn't close out of IE!**
*Checks and waits to see if the timing is off and you need to wait a few more seconds to get a another ticket.
*Fixed some clicking errors
*other clicking and timing stuff.

If you win anything please let me know. I would also like to know where/what the other bot or bots are. If you know anything please send me an email.

I've read some stuff on raffstar that they have implemented "security measures" to prevent cheating. So far my account has NOT been flagged, as far as I know. It could be my bot runs like a normal person or because I don't use it religiously. If I'm using my computer I will cancel the bot. So I miss quite a few tickets. I'm still usually in the top 50 of the amount of tickets I have. And have had the chance to win a prize. I just didn't claim it in time. Either way it doesn't seem to be detected (yet)