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Xbox 360/Windows 7 media refresher

I've noticed that Windows 7 doesn't like to immediately find and share new media when it is added to a folder. So, for example, you're watching some downloaded videos that you are sharing to your xbox360 via Windows 7 and you just noticed utorrent just finished downloading something else. So once you get done watching the first show you would like to go ahead and start watching the one that just finished downloading...but noooo windows 7 doesn't want you to. With Xp and Vista you could just restart the wmp sharing service, not so much with Windows 7. But I've found if you open Windows Media Player it will immediately find the files and start sharing them. So I've created a simple batch script that will open WMP and then close it. I have mine set to run at 10pm so most shows are done downloading and it will start sharing them. Just copy and paste this into a new txt document, then rename it to .bat.

If you know of another wait for WMP to search its folders more often or something, please let me know.

start "wmp" /min "%ProgramFiles%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe"
timeout 5
taskkill /IM wmplayer.exe