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A little story:

I've been out of school for a few years. Got lazy/poor and failed some classes and was put on academic probation. I've been too broke to afford to go back. I owed over $1400 for the last semester I was there, and had to start paying back the two loans I had gotten. So, I was mostly stuck in a position where it was pretty difficult to go back and finish college.

My girlfriend of almost 2 years has been bugging me asking "if money wasn't an option would you go back?" I would usually say something like "probably, but I still have to pay off what I still owe and what it would cost for upcoming semesters and I'm broke and not sure if I still like doing the same stuff, (3d animation)." That was enough for her.

For my birthday (Dec 17) she had it paid off plus half the tuition of a semester. For the past month she had been taking donations from all of my friends and family and her family for me to go back. Over a week after my birthday we are meeting her family for my birthday dinner (the original day was snowed out) and once we get there all my friends and family are there! We have a nice fun dinner and then she gives me the cards with the receipt of previous semesters paid off, and another card with the money for half another semester, or books. I had to hold back the tears in front of everyone. This is the sweetest, most thoughtful, nicest thing, ever. I just wanted to tell everyone that I have the best girlfriend ever (sorry guys, yours can't live up to her) and wanted to say "Thank you and I love you very much. And thank you to all my friends and family. I will not let you guys down."

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