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Wacom and more...

I finally got a decent tablet, a Wacom Intuos3. Now I just need talent to use it. I got it off of ebay, "damaged". Cut the USB cable and soldered it back together and it was good as new. I just need the rubber grippy thing for the Grip Pen. If anyone has a new (CHEAP) Grip Pen or a broken one, I could maybe buy it from you.

There needs to be a website where you can buy/sell broken electronics, besides ebay. That way people could unload crap they don't have room for, and others can take a change on fixing it or using it for parts.

Microsoft customer service is pretty good:
I bought a Microsoft keyboard from ebay, user best_buy_outlet. Got it kind of new, looked new but was sold as refurbed for pretty cheap. The only problem was the space bar was jacked up. Apparently, it was a very common problem with this brand, Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. You had to hit the space bar at the bottom or in the middle or else the plastic would bend; it was just enough to be annoying. So, I called Microsoft up and complained, and they said it was a fault in mine and they would send me out a new one. And by god, they did; didn't even have to send back the old one. Works great, too.

Posted some more art at my DeviantArt.

Some websites:

Now my dog has to go pee.