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Updated the raffstar bot...again

As the title says, I have updated my raffstar bot. Made some little tweaks here and there:
**!I think I fixed the problem where it wouldn't close out of IE!**
*Checks and waits to see if the timing is off and you need to wait a few more seconds to get a another ticket.
*Fixed some clicking errors
*other clicking and timing stuff.

If you win anything please let me know. I would also like to know where/what the other bot or bots are. If you know anything please send me an email.

I've read some stuff on raffstar that they have implemented "security measures" to prevent cheating. So far my account has NOT been flagged, as far as I know. It could be my bot runs like a normal person or because I don't use it religiously. If I'm using my computer I will cancel the bot. So I miss quite a few tickets. I'm still usually in the top 50 of the amount of tickets I have. And have had the chance to win a prize. I just didn't claim it in time. Either way it doesn't seem to be detected (yet)