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Google Toolbar/Firefox problems

I've recently found that updated Firefox with the google toolbar has problems. The gmail button will only update with mails every other Firefox open.
Say the gmail button is working fine, checking for updates every hour or so, but when I close Firefox and open back up, the gmail button doesn't work. Using the drop down just says Refresh. Clicking Refresh, sometimes says Refresh (Connecting) other times, does nothing. Googling around, it seems no one else has this problem. So I'm posting this. Using Minefield (3.7asomething) worked for a while, but after the a couple of recent updates it stopped working again (1 update broke it, the next fixed it, now its broken again). But after hours and hours of googling I think I have found a semi solution. As long as the Options/Login Button wasn't on the toolbar it worked fine. It seems to be when reopening Firefox it doesn't login correctly. If you are logged out and change the button layout, then login and change the button layout you can easily see that it isn't logged in correctly.

So basically, every other Firefox open, the Gmail button doesn't refresh. To fix, remove the toolbar options/login button from the toolbar.
I have reported the bug to Mozilla.