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Fall 2009 Dashboard Update

I went to play COD4 tonight and low and behold it started to download an update. Apparently I was selected to participate in the beta test of the new dashboard update. Overall it looks pretty much the same. Most of the changes are minor. I have a new "channel" called Xbox Preview. In there lists the new features which are:

  • Party Reconnections
  • Streamline Party Invites
  • Gold Member veterans-your gamer card shows how long you've been a gold member
  • Subscription notification
  • fixing invalid windows live ids
  • better account recovery
  • avatar props-it seams you unlock these from games
  • avatar marketplace-you can buy clothes for you're avatar. some look pretty cool, they're 80mp for say a pair of steampunk glasses. which I HAD to buy, but thats IT, damnit.
  • Avatar awards- it seems you'll be able to unlock clothing and the props from getting certain achievements in games. Which seems a lot better than having to buy the damn clothes.
  • watch netflix in a party
  • browse netflix content faster based on previously watched
  • better playback
  • shows what you are watching in the Friends channel
  • ability to override display formats for dvi and hdmi
  • user ratings for all game content
  • Games on Demand-xbox originals, and it sounds like they may have xbox360 games to download. also game manuals for games on demand on
  • DRM stuff- seems you still can take your profile to someone else's xbox, buy a game, then recover your profile on your account and redownload the game and you both can play.
  • community games are now called indie games
  • launch a game from the achievement browser
  • achievement tracking- an all games view which shows a summary of achievements from all games played
  • better achievement browser
  • more "links" for common items such as, downloads, redeem code, auto sign-in, create profile and recover gamertag
  • warning if no audio when sending a voice message-small feature but definitely will keep me from looking like a dumbass.
  • time stamps on memory area-such as for saved games
  • friends list sorting by activity, gamertag, or online status
So far nothing too big. So don't expect some grand like the jump going to NXE; this is a mild update. I would really just like to see more free stuff, or a way to see all the free stuff.