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Downloaded episodes not playing correctly on Xbox360

For episodes you download from groups DOT or XII, re-encode them with GotSent so they play correctly on the Xbox360.
For about a month now, some groups have been releasing tv episodes that were encoded differently and they do not play correctly on the Xbox360. When playing one of these videos it will play about 2 mins then the video stops but the audio continues. The only way to fix this problem is to either wait for another group to release the episode, which usually doesn't happen, or re-encode it. I've FINALLY found a REALLY easy solution for Xbox re-encodes. GotSent
You can use other methods for better control over quality and all that, but this is SUPER fast and really easy. Handbrake was taking 30 minutes for a 45 minutes show, and it still didn't work or looked horrible. GotSent took less than 3 mins and looks like the original and plays fine.