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UPS customer service awesome

This is one of the few times where someone is going to say something good about a company:
I sent in a friends Xbox to Microsoft. I was supposed to get it back on Thursday, but I was at work. So they left a note and everything and was going to try and deliver it on Friday. Well I called and tried to make pickup arrangements but the driver wouldn't be back to the pickup office before they close or I got off of work. So they ended up giving me the driver's name (Travis) and cell phone number so I could meet up with him after I got off of work. Everyone on the phone was really nice and helpful and they were very personal (as in they called me back a few times after trying to setup different arrangements). Needless to say I met up with Travis at a gas station on my way home (after going to the wrong gas station) and picked up the package. Everyone was REALLY nice and helpful and I just wish I would have thought at the time to offer to buy him lunch or something.