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Damn these great prices.....they keep pulling me back in!

I discovered this site via dealsplus. It's called dealextreme. There was a deal on there for noise isolation earbuds for $2.68 shipped and I couldn't pass it up. After I bought those I then decided to browse the rest of the site, I know I should have done it beforehand but I got excited and ordered quickly. After browsing and telling my friend, Gary, he talked me into buying $13 worth of more stuff (he spent about $20). I ended up getting the earbuds, a LED power gyro wrist ball, compact led flashlight, and LED keychain light. All that for $15.91 shipped. I ordered everything on 1/23/06 and received the larger order on 2/3/07, which was the expected shipping time. The items are coming from Hong Kong so quality wise, I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised. The flashlights are extremely bright and well constructed. The compact flashlight is a little jank on the inside, but once together it is very solid. And the gyro ball thingy works great and it is extremely addicting, even though my arms are killing me.

I am not getting any compensation for this post, I just think more people, specifically the nerds, should check out the site. They have all sorts of gadgets, accessories (iPod, gaming, camera and cell phone), cables, converters, dongles, adapters and loads of flashlights. They even have 20mw green laser pointers for $39.99 or the 5mw for $26.03 and free shipping on both. Actually, the have free shipping on a lot of items and the items that aren't free shipping, its usually less than a few dollars. They also have a pocket RC helicopter for $23.50 or a PS2 to USB converter for $5.90 or a 128 LED flashlight $25.68 shipped(if ordered alone) and much, much more.

As I said before, I'm not getting paid for this or anything I'm just trying to pass around a great site. So at least look around and check out all the stuffs. I will definitely be ordering more stuff.
Deal Extreme
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I finally received the earbuds. They're not too bad. They look almost exactly like the Apple In Ear buds. I'm not much of an audiophile, but I can tell a difference; though it's probably due to the inear thingy. I can definitely hear all the static in my (crappy) mp3s. The bass could definitely be better, not even close to have a sub.
Its hard to get them to stay in my ear, so they stick out weird and look kind of dumb. You can tell the plastic is a little cheap and if you sqeeze the in ear rubber thing you can hear the plastic in the speaker sqeezing.
But other than than they are pretty good earbuds, especially for under $3. I will probably be ordering more with my next order.