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Family Murdered from Guitar Hero 2 Song

  Brian Smith has been playing video games since he was a young boy; he has grown up with almost every console. But a popular guitar playing video game for the Playstation 2 has proven too much for even him. Brian claims that even before he finished the bonus song Yes We Can by Made in Mexico something in him snapped and he was compelled to murder his entire family. He stated "I was just trying to complete the game, I bought all the other songs in the game and this was the last one; it didn't seem any different". He went on to say, "I was playing the song and doing pretty good, but the song was really bad." Others have stated Yes We Can is the worst song in Guitar Hero 2 or anywhere else. Police are still investigating the matter of whether Brian had some other motive for the slaughter or if the game actually triggered or even "told" him to murder his family.
  Brian is still being tested for conclusive proof, but doctors have confirmed Brian has developed cochlear cancer. Tests are still being concluded on where Yes We Can was the cause of the cancer, or some other horribly song in the game. It is unknown if Brian Smith or RedOctane, the creator of Guitar Hero 2, will be brought up on charges. The State may try to rehabilitate Brian is tests prove the game was at fault.

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