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Albert Pacino...MIA

As some of you may come to realize, Albert Pacino has been missing for 344 days; almost a year. Some of you may say "but Pacino has been in some recent movies and he's filming Ocean's 13". Well first, the most recent movie that Pacino has been in is Two for the Money from 2005 and second that is Alfredo Pacino.
I'm talking about albertpacino of Digg fame. If you have been on digg before December 6, 2005 then you would have more than likely heard of albertpacino or one of his stories. During his reign at digg one of his stories was featured on almost every episode of diggnation. albertpacino was the top user at digg during his time, but has since been surpassed by digitalgopher. Although he has been missing for almost a year he is still the 2nd top user at digg.

So I am asking the digg community, Kevin Rose, Alex Albrecht and the world, where has albertpacino gone? Was he in some tragic accident? Did he have to get rid of his computer? Could he no longer access the internet? Has he moved on to "better" things? Was he taken out by some big digg conspiracy? Did digg pay him off to give other users a chance? Was Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht sick of reading his stories? Did Jay Adelson have enough of this albertpacino fellow? Was he assassinated by the other top users or the digg community at the time? Could he no longer take the pressure of being the top user at digg? It seems that he just disappeared. There were a few users questioning his disappearance, there may have been a few stories, but other than that...nothing. Could digg really be hiding the top user?

As I am only one lowly digg user it is quite difficult for me to find him. Maybe Kevin or Jay could help us out, or if anyone knows him or an email address or anything. We need to find him or at least why he left; he just suddenly left, from all the cop dramas I watch, that screams suspicion.
I, and the few others that care, need answers! We miss you albertpacino; may we never forget.