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IE Sucks/I suck and other randomness

Well it seems my blog is broken in IE8 and probably others I suck and I have somehow killed my layout. I can't remember enough html/css , and am too lazy, to properly fix it. If anyone out there in internets land could help, I could provide a private tracker invite in return, or an e-hug, or possibly money, most likely $1. Or maybe something else if I can think of it.

random links:
Dreamspark - Now offering free certification in certain Microsoft courses for students. (or former students ;))
Free Mothers Day Card
Demonoid- is still have open registrations.
Rush Discography - torrent
Watchmen Motion Comic - torrent

I also need album art for a Futurama Soundtrack. If anyone would like to create one and send it in, I will include it in my Futurama Soundtrack. (that I've slowly been working on for years). Just submit it to The best one (or only one) will be included in the torrent.