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Well scratch the call out for a Futurama Soundtrack cover. I'm working on finally installing Vista and ended up partitioning my other hard drive without thinking. And of course the Futurama Soundtrack was on there, along with about 40gb of other downloaded stuff. But the soundtrack is the only thing I really cared about. So, hooray for blind ambition and stupidity.

I tried and tried to recover the files, but no go. I did recover SOME music, but they were the tracks from the second soundtrack (from seasons 3 and 4). So it looks like there won't be a Futurama Soundtrack (at least from me) unless I get enough response to redo it. It consisted of 34 tracks containing music from the series and actual songs used in the series. Such as the Grunka Lunka song, and MMM Bop by Hanson (Anthology of Interest I, where Bender jumps on their concert).