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Stuffs in the mail!

Hurray for free stuffs. A few days ago I received my stuff from Playstation's RLS; which was a PS3 beanie, a Sony shirt and Sony belt. Shipping only took about 2 weeks.
I also got a $25 gift card for Best Buy from Boomertowne. Shipping took about a month or so. There ARE bots for boomertowne which make it slightly easier to get points, although it takes longer to get enough points because there is a <1000 point daily limit.

Boomertowne Bots:
WsRpKs and Slow958's Boomertowne Joke Bot 4.0
These bots were originally created for the but they have since taken down the boomertowne forums (and club live) so I cannot link to the original creators.

My rapidshare folder which I will upload and update various bots.


NEIL! said...

hey, a little more info on the bots would be appreciated...the ahk one is pretty self-explanatory, but u need to give the requirements first, as its clicking in all the wrong places, and not working as a result...
and the second one has a good gui, but no information as to what to do.. i did what i thought i had to do(log in, go to the jokes page, then click start) but nothing happened. it kept browsing the jokes pages, but didnt rate any, and didnt get any points!!! can u please elaborate...

Tweaq said...

They're not my bots, and I'm not even sure they still work. But for the first one, you just log in, and run the bot and it tells you what to do. (you move the mouse to the address bar and press windows key+m). As for the second, you could try changing when it submits the jokes. Or they may have patched it, or your points may be maxed out for the day.

gman said...

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