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Tweaq's Super Awesome Flexibot Pro

Ok, so I started from scratch and made my own Flexicon bot: Tweaq's Super Awesome Flexibot Pro.
This is another bot for Microsoft's Live Search Club. It is MUCH more reliably than my/Precise's modded version. It auto plays the games and pauses itself on the captchas. Check the readme for more info.
Hopefully this can tide everyone over until the big daddies finish up their bots.

semi *UPDATED*

Download Link

Check out Playstation's Retail Loyalty Site. You're "supposed" to be an employee of some store that sells games and consoles, but you can use Best Buy's Store Locator and find your local Best Buy's store number.
Search for your Best Buy then mouseover or copy and paste the Map & Directions link. It will say something like javascript:mapanddirection('STORE NUMBER','SOMETHING ELSE'). Use the store number to sign up for RLS, or any other store's store number you want.
Then you can do the quizes and accumulate points to buy stuff on the site. The quizes are really easy and you can take them multiple times. There is a 15 quiz a day limit, but that isn't THAT big of a deal (1500 points a day isn't bad, consider the PS3 games are 3450 points). I got a nifty mouse pad in the mail today (don't even remember ordering it) and I ordered a beanie.