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Newer, New Avatar Shirts

So I'm finally getting around to creating some more Avatar: The Last Airbender shirts. I've finished and posted the Water Tribe Emblem shirt and I'm working on the water bender shirt. I should have it up soon. You can find it/them at my cafepress shop. And don't forget to check out the Fire Nation shop and my other random shop

Please post a comment with any questions, suggestions, or your vote for the next nation.

So I actually did put the new shirts up. I just added the Water Bender shirts. If anyone would like a different emblem on a different style/color just let me know and I can switch it around. Or if anyone would like any stickers or anything else, just post a comment or something and I'll put those up, too.

ps. thanks to Distant Horizon, Avatar Spirit, and Icy_Ashford of Avatar Spirit for most of the translations.