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Hooray, new post!

Yay, I'm posting again. I've made another bot, this time for the site I heard about the site on Diggnation. You sign up and go to each of the prizes and click to get a ticket, every hour or day. By going to the pages, ads are displayed and they make money, which is donated to the charity of the prize givers choice. Helps out everyone ;)

So I made a bot that goes to each of the prize links and clicks to get a ticket. I have mine setup with a Windows Scheduled Task. Setup a new Scheduled Task and view the Advanced properties on the Schedule tab. There you can set it to repeat the task every hour (or 61 minutes to be sure).

Unfortunately I have not won or even been in the top 10 of any prizes, but if you are, please post in the comments.

I realized I probably should have put some info with it, but oh well. You first need to open IE and login and have it remember your login. Then just run the bot and it will read the URLs in the giveaways.txt file and go to each one and get you a ticket. You need to open IE and login and have it remember your login. You can use ctrl+alt+right arrow to skip a URL cycle. If it happens to crap out and open a million IEs, I've included close ie.exe which will close all IEs (just make sure you close it before running the bot again). Occasionaly it does screw up and either click too early or it won't close IE or something. I have some error checking, so it should get around it and continue on. Any problems just post a comment or email me.

Link to my MediaFire folder. (had to move because I couldn't remember my rapidshare password)
Also listed is my woot script and wmpnetworksvc script. The woot script just opens, used with scheduled tasks to open at 1:00am so you don't miss a woot. The wmpnetworksvc script restarts the service so it refreshes the shared files using Windows Media Player. This works if you have recently added a shared file and a computer of xbox360 doesn't see it yet.


Anonymous said...

I won a prize at the end of December, I still have not received it yet, so I'm beginning to think this place is fake. I've contacted them several times about it and have never received a reply back.

Tweaq said...

That's lame. Were you using my bot? I finally won a Victoria Secret giftcard about a month ago, and haven't heard anything about it.