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Totally Rad new catch phrases

Guy 1:
Usage: Anytime at all, especially randomly.
Origin: A few Fragocitys (ETSU's lan party) ago we were trying to play some games. I had recently discovered the game Gunz. So I was trying to convince a few friends to play it by saying "DUDE, lets play some GUNZ!!!" I kept on and on, and eventually got a few friends saying it too. Now we say it at random times, such as answering the phone, using it as a euphemism for laser tag or halo3.

Guy 1
Usage: Anytime anything bad happens.
Origin: I was trying to cook corn. I tried to break what I thought was a sold block of frozen corn into two pieces, when the corn "exploded" everywhere; corn went everywhere. And the logical curse at the time was FUCKING CORN.

Guy 1: "...old style"
Usage: you can do anything old style:
"I'll kill you old style!"
"I'm going to drive this car old style!"
Origin: From a Duke Nukem prank that happened on Ventrilo. Some woman (or high-voiced kid) says s/he will kill the Duke Nukem prankster "old style". I saw the video posted on Youtube

Guy 1: "Here's the dills (deals)."
Guy 2: "throw down those pickles bro, give us the dills"
Usage: Pretty self explanatory; someone is saying "here's the deal(s)"
Origin: The Totally Rad Show Episode 11: The Dills

Guy 1: "I think he's tasting Nickels!"
Usuage: When someone is freaking out or having a fit. Could also be used when someone is a bad dancer, throwing a tantrum, or generally acting in a stupid manner.
Origin: A lot of times before someone is going to have a seizure they say they have a metallic taste in their mouth. I have also heard someone specifically tasting nickel (I assume the metal).

Guy 1: "He's hot for your trot"
Usage: When another guy likes a girl, especially her ass.
Origin: I was telling some friends that I like d a girl, and that she had a very nice ass. My friend told another girl to tell her I was "hot for her trot."

Guy 1: "You're the news!"
Usuage: In response to any argument, especially if you are losing.
Origin: From Brian Posehn's music video, Metal By Numbers. There is a skit in which Brian is watching a metal video when and his "dad" comes to say that what he is watching isn't the news, Brian retorts with "You're the news!"