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Digg Dupe Category Suggestion

I'm hoping with the successfulness of this blog post that maybe the Digg team with add a Dupe category. While most people hates duplicates stories on digg, especially when they reach the frontpage, some people don't spend all day on digg (why not?) and they miss some stories or links. While I DO spend all day on digg I occasionally miss a story, too. It would be nice to have a Dupe category where users can submit top stories or good stories again so they have a better chance of being seen. And having the category seperate other users can filter out the Dupe category and not have it shown at all. There would have to be restrictions of the submissions of course, such as:

  • only stories older than 4 weeks that didn't make it to the front page

  • only stories older than 2 weeks that DID make it to the front page

  • the original submiter may be able to "resubmit" their story to the queue of upcomming stories after 3 weeks.

  • someone who has dugg a story could resubmit it after a a period of time.

  • Such as I submit a story, it doesn't make it to the front page, so after 4 weeks or so I could "resubmit" it by just clicking a button and it would add it back into the queue. A digger of my story may be able to resubmit my story after say 3 weeks (it's not as bad if someone that likes your story resubmits it, rather than you spamming it). Or my story makes it to the frontpage and I or a digger could resubmit it after 2 weeks and it could automatically make it to the Dupe frontpage, so others can read about it, without have to go and search for it.

    Or you could just make it simple and after 4 weeks without it being on the frontpage you can resubmit it to the Dupe category, or after 2 weeks and it promotes right to the Dupe frontpage; or something similar.

    I hope they (as in the Digg development team) could implement this feature as it would provide a place to read old stories that have been promoted and people would stop yelling "DUPE", at least in all the other categories.

    There also seems to be a bug where the same story will appear multiple times on different pages. I've noticed this serveral times with different stories, where A story will be on the main frontpage, and also page 3 and 4 in different spots (under and above different stories).