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Something old, something new...

I meant to post this earlier but I didn't, so I am now.
This was originally on digg and its badass. The link goes to the Wired story. Someone has discovered how to hack an ATM (and set it up to give him free money) using the legally obtained operator's manual. Here's the CNN coverage of the intial hack:

Super thanks to dnthomps for the actual manual, that I tried to find (for a few minutes). Although I did find these Quick Ref manuals (using the default password of 123456). I also found the full manual for the Triton 97xx series.

Revision 3 has been revamped, releasing serveral new shows, new episodes (THEBROKEN!) and a new site.

Lego Star Wars II (Demonoid alt) is an awesome game. Just thought I should say that with a link ;) and this link

We'll eventually have the Infinite Crisis meeting. Also LASER TAG FRIDAY, BITCHES! @ the Fun Expedition.