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Comic Book Club- Meeting 4

Well we finally had our meeting, but it was a quick one. We talked about The Return of Hawkman. A storyline within the JSA series. According to The TPB had the issues 16 through 26 plus the Secret Files and Origins #1, but according to the actual trade it was only 16 through 25. So you can select just the ones you want to download from the torrent above and read what you want, I read 26 and it was pretty good.

The story overall wasn't bad. The trade seemed more like two stories in one that slightly overlapped. The story before Hawkman returned was better. The way they brought Hawkman back was pretty lame and quick. Hawkgirl reached into the "magic well of spirits" or whatever and pulled him out. It was convenient because they needed him to lead the battle against Synn. I tried to get into these stories more, but didn't know who most of the villians were or what they were about, but I tried via wikipedia. Most of the battles were nicely done. Such as when all the villians bum rushed the JSA headquater and semi took it over (I just like seeing the heroes getting owned, I think it's because it makes the story seem more real if they're losing). Or Synn punching Black Adam to another planet only to have him come back later and punch him through the floating city. Or the Lizard guy eating Atom Smasher only to have him smash through his insides. The final battle was definatly the lamest part of these stories, Hawkman and Hawkgirl kisses and Synn (composed of Thanagar and Nth metal) explodes; seemed really rushed.

In conclusion unless you really like Hawkman, Synn, Thanagar or the JSA you could avoid this storyline as it doesn't add to much to the storylines. You could just wikipedia it. Also "they" messed up Hawkman and the Thanagarians flying. According to Wikipedia they fly via Nth metal in their belts, that allows them to defy gravity. But according to most newer stories (even Identity Crisis) he just needs the wings, which can be removed. (Shabazz noted during the "x-ray" shocking of Hawkgirl there were bones in her wings.

Next week we're probably reading Superman Red Son. But I/we may change that.