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Comic Book Club- Meeting 3

Our third meeting was this past Sunday. We decided to read "The Fall of Hal Jordan". It was a short story arc from the Infinite Crisis Final torrent. It's not official an arc and it obviously wasn't, but we read it anyway.
The story picks up right after Mongul destorys Coast City, and Hal is pissed. So he goes after Mongul and tries to recreate his city, but the Guardians won't allow it. So Hal freaks out and wants ALL the Green Lantern power to recreate his city.
Shabazz didn't like this story, it is his least favorite of the three. I thought it was pretty good. I think we would have liked it more if we had read a few comics before and a few after. The art is obviously Silver/Bronze age, and we're not really fans, although it's better than what I can do, so I guess it's pretty great.
Hal really kicks alot of ass in this story, as in pwnage. I would have liked to see the Lanterns put up a little more of a fight though or team up or something. I know he was/is the best but he just mowed them down, even Sinestro (although we looked up later to find out what happened to Sinestro). That always helps with a story: Wikipedia. During a meeting we'll usually look up various things to get a better understanding and find out what happens before and after, which I think helped Shabazz like it a little more after we found out what happened before and after.
In Conclusion it was a good story about Hal Jordan and his break down, but you/we really should read the rest of the Return of Superman and whatever was after this. So I would recommend this story if you're a fan of Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern Corps, or are reading some of the newer Green Lantern stuff. Other than that you could just read about Hal and the Corps on Wikipedia.
Next up is The Return of Hawkman
I think I may start linking to the torrents where you can download the books we talk about, if anyone is interested in this leave a comment.