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Oprah's Book Club...for nerds!

I've come up with a GENIUS idea: Oprah's Book Club for comics. It may sound dumb on the surface but let me explain:
It's still a work in progress, but me and some friends decide what book(s) to read for that week. Then, on Sunday we get together and discuss the book(s). Such as, we will talk about the story, what happened, what will happen, catch each other up on the back story, and talk about the art. Pretty much everything (I guess) Oprah does at her book clubs but with comics, and guys. I got the idea from listening to Raging Bullets comic podcast and wanting to talk to them while they were reviewing a book. So I talked to some of my (nerd) friends and they liked the idea, as they also like comics and talking about them.

Up first is the Infinite Crisis crossover Day of Vengeance. I'll post back Sunday on how it went. Next week is at least The Amazing Screw On Head and probably something from Marvel (to please Joseph SymbiotSpider).