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Really, who cares.

It's not like anyone is actually reading this or even cares. So I'm really typing to myself, so if I read this it's kind of like I'm talking to myself...from the past. If only I had some nifty wisdom for myself.
Anyway, I did the calculations for Superman Returns and Superman would have to fly at 20 times the speed of light to reach Krypton, which is agreed to be 50 light years away, in about 2.5 years. And according to most fansites, forums and comics, Superman can at MOST travel at a little over the speed of light (most sources say he flys at 30,000 mph in atmosphere and about 300 million mph in space, assuming he doesn't have to hold his breath). So it would take the speediest of Supermans to reach Krypton in 50 years. So Bryan Singer, I call SHENANIGANS on Superman's speedy trip.
Other than that, Superman Returns is an excellant movie.
OK, I recently realized that Superman went to Krypton in his spaceship. I guess I just forgot about it. Also its speed is roughly the same as the first movie and in Smallville. I realize I am a n00b ;)
Also according to Computer Graphics World, Superman flew ~1200mph in Maya.