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OMGZ ROFLCOPTER!!!!111!!!111!!!!

OMGZ conan o'brien just started talking about Light Sabers after talking about Klingons!!11!! OMG i can't believe he just got the wrong movies LOLOLZ !!!11!!!!11!!1 AHHAHA i can't believe he put star wars with star trek. CONAN IS SUCH A N00B HAHAHALOLZROFL

lol anyway. If you watched Conan tonight, that ^ was hilarious; it was an interview with Brian Posehn. I will post the entire interview later today. It was one of the funniest Conans I've seen in a while. Also check out Brian Posehn's myspace and his new music video, and then his comedy, he rocks and funnys my pants off.


Mike said...

please,don't ever write shit like that was annoying

Tweaq said...

YAYS a comment. Well it was a "tribute" to Conan; as that would be what an uber nerd would have written about Conan. Guess you missed the irony.