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New (comic) shows

I just finished watching the pilot screener for Heroes and it is incredible. It's about several people all over the world whom discover they have a super power. It looks like it is/could be a great series, as long as they don't cheese it up. There were a couple of twists and setups that could expand the story (even more); hopefully it will live up to all the hype (it should).
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I've also "found" the Aquaman pilot screener, which is going to be a mid season replacement on The CW (a merger of the WB and UPN). I've just read that it is definatly NOT going to be a series. I haven't watched it yet, but the trailer for the pilot looked promising.
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Also Who Wants To Be a Super Hero aired (I think) tonight. I didn't watch it, but I am going to download it and check it out, just because its "super heroes" and Stan Lee. Other than that, it looks REALLY stupid. From the previews and the website, it looks like some retarded people trying to get into television. There is maybe one or two people that seem like they (the character and person) could make a good "super hero".
Ok I just watched WWTBASH and it isn't as bad as I thought it would be. There are still some assinine "heroes", such as Fat Momma and Cell Phone Girl. (damnit, I hate them). Other than the stupid characters, the purpose of the show isn't that bad. Stan Lee is testing the people on being "super human". As in changing into their costume, without being seen, and racing to the finish line. But the true test was to stop and help a lost little girl, which is what a true hero would. So this reality show might not be too bad.
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And Attack of the Show's Comic-Con specials: (via Sladinki007)