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damn css

Well I've been trying to create my own template for my blog, but that hasn't turned out so well. I created a layout in Photoshop and threw it into Dreamweaver. I had almost everything working, but couldn't seem to get the posts to work like I wanted; also the styles didn't seem to work in Firefox. So I've started over and created a new layout, and maybe I/a friend can get it working right.

If anyone thinks they can help, I'm trying to get the left pane (and maybe the right pane)to "expand" down as more posts are added (or as more archives or whatever are added); I saw it on the template Top Secret.

As for other news: Comedy Central has a killer lineup on Sundays now, as does Adult Swim but thats not really new. I don't remember the exact schedule, but it was Chappelle's Lost Episodes, Mind of Mencia, Reno 911, so I would recommend torrenting those; also Dane Cook's Tourgasm and Entourage (I've started watching it this season, and it's pretty good). Oh and UFC 61 was Saturday so I'd recommend picking that up too.