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Cheap games and free money

As you may have seen on various sites, Circuit City is having an $8.96 4th of July Sale. For a complete list of games visit:
this post
or cheapassgamer
While that is great in itself there is a little extra. You can buy a game then return it to Walmart (unopened) for full Walmart price (on giftcard), on some games you can make $40. I've looked up some of the games and here are some of the better "deals"
Spyro (DS)- $29.99
Antigravity (PS2)-$49.99
Karaoke Revolution Bundle (Xbox)-maybe $49.99
DDR Ultramix 2 (Xbox)-$39.99
Tiger Woods PGA (PSP)-$29.99
Need for Speed (PSP)-$29.99

I know there are alot more, at better "deals" just don't feel like looking. If anyone has anymore please post in the comments or email me or IM me, and i'll update.


Tweaq said...

Just returned Farcry Instincts and Need for Speed whatever for DS. total:$54.47
NFS was $29 and Farcry was only $19